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Hello and welcome to the world of Strict Women Who Spank men.

We are Strict Women, and have been on the internet since 1999, spanking, scolding and slapping naughty 'grown up?' boys, whenever we feel like it.

Enjoy our site, but note that squirting into your tissues is NOT allowed in the free area tour. Only after you join is permission to make your mess granted. Then you will STILL be spanked for doing so!

--Miss Anna
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Our Latest FemDom Fm Spanking Update For All Our Naughty Boys is: 

SW251 078 blog

Miss Zoe has informed her servant that she has promoted him to boyfriend. People expect such a beautiful woman to have one she has reflected even though she has had the problem in the past of men thinking they are somehow equal to her if they are her boyfriends! The problem for Adam is that Miss Zoe has just made it very clear that boyfriend or not she will still very much be in charge and he is still subject to her whim and punishment if he steps out of line!

The only benefit seems to be that he may take her out and be seen with this Goddess and envied by all the males in the room. And perhaps, just perhaps, some of the spankings she gives may not be quite so severe as she has pointed out even though she now expects higher standards! But this illusion of having the right to take his Mistress out as his girlfriend is soon shattered! Miss Zoe wishes instead to go out with her friends and he, as her boyfriend, will stay home and clean the house! And it had BETTER be spick and span(k) when she returns!