How much money can I make?
That really is up to you! Strict Women converts your femdom spanking traffic extremely well and we have members who have been with us from our very beginning 7 years ago so we have a good reputation for making our members happy. For some time we kept our webmaster program a closed program for only a few faces we knew and some of those people made significant sums every month as they were prepared to work promoting our site aggressively.

How do you know when a sign up has come from on one of my sites?
When you join the Strict Women webmaster program you will be given a unique URL and account number which you will use to link to our site and the traffic that you are sending will be shown on your stats page as soon as it is recorded along with all your sales due to a cookie that is put onto your surfers computers when they visit our site from your links. Also note that this cookie can be recognized several months after the surfer has closed their browser so even if you do not make the money from their visit on that first visit, if they bookmark our site and come back and join then you will be credited for both their initial signup AND any future rebills that may take place at the rate of 50%.

How often do I receive payment?
We are now operating our affiliate system using industry leader billing processor CCBill. CCBill pay webmaster affiliates weekly so as long as you have earned the CCBill minimum for that cheque to be sent on to you then you will receive your earnings at the CCBill alotted time.

How much do I get paid for the signup's I send you?
We pay 50% of signup income for the lifetime of the membership minus any charge backs that come from the members you refer (we get very few of these and they are not likely to happen as long as you are honest to the surfer when you send them to us...dont tell them we are free for example as some webmasters we have noticed have done for various AVS systems as that's asking for trouble!).

I sent many hits but have not made any sales? How come?
Strict Women .com pays only sign-ups at 50%. If you have sent traffic which has not converted into a signup then we will not have made any money and therefore you will not have earned any. 50% of nothing after all is still nothing?
But fear not, your traffic may come back at a later date via a bookmark and if they sign up at that point then you will receive credit for that signup and your stats, which are in real time, will show that signup when it is made.

Can I send blind links, pop ups or exit consoles to promote you?
Yes, you can. We accept any traffic as long as it does not come from illegal sources such as child porn sites or password trading sites.

Can I Spam?
Absolutely NOT. Spamming results in complaints being made about our site which can cause serious consequences for the site complained about. All your links must come from a web page. If we find that you are involved in spamming in any way your account will be terminated with the forfeiture of any and all sums that may be owed to you and you will be banned from ever joining this or any other webmaster program we have in the future. If you take the time however to play fairly and build feeder sites to send us traffic then spamming need not ever enter into your head! Feeder sites in any event are far more effective!

I found some pix on the net owned by another site. Can I use them to promote your site?
No. Images are owned by other people and you should not use them to promote somebody else's site, its not only unethical its also illegal and we will not condone those sorts of actions. That being said please note below that we will provide you with promotional content to promote Strict Women so these types of practices are not necessary in any event :-)

Do you offer free content?
Yes we do. We have exclusive material available for you to promote our site. If you need promotional content, please drop us a line and let us know what your plans are and we will endeavor to help you as best we can :-)

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