SMZ35 145 blog

Miss Zoe has returned this week with her strict sister Miss Natasha who has brought her new boyfriend home from the works christmas party. Dodgy dave thinks he is in for a treat as Miss Natasha wanders off to get something but that something was actually a somebody in the form of her big sister! And Miss Zoe makes Dodgy Dave pay for the things he did not actually do as he is spanked and humiliated by the two sexy gals!


sw86 080 blogWhen Miss Joanne discovers that her life savings have been removed from her account after a Nigerian scammer conned her husband into handing over her money she is furious!  The scammers day will certainly come but Davids stupidity is certainly not going to go unpunished!  Miss Joanne puts david over her knee and administers a very good hairbrush spanking for his foolishness!

And scammer be sure to watch!  For this is what awaits you when you mess with a sexy strict Goddess like Miss Joanne!

Miss Antscha Spanks His Ass

A naughty boy is being punished this morning in the Strict Women household. An incident where he has photoshopped himself into an image with several sexy women has resulted in a very irritated Mistress who has given him a very painful paddling! Right now he is over her knee having his backside tanned as Miss Antscha instills herself in his head as his ultimate authority figure! One way or another She is determined he will learn his place in this house and hers too!

Ready To Put You Across My Knee!

Being spanked by your wife or girlfriend is one thing. It takes a little getting used to and Mike has slowly begun to accept this is part of his life. But the added humiliation of having your sister in law take over and put you over her knee to spank your bottom as well is a little more than he can chew!

Of course from Miss Arella's point of view whether a naughty boy want's to be spanked by her is irrelevant and in fact she is particularly happy that he does not want to be and finds it even more humiliating than normal! But that humiliation his HIS problem NOT HERS! And whether he likes it or not his trousers and pants are pulled down and his bottom is spanked by our beautiful Czech Goddess!

SMZ027 144 blog

Welcome back to Strict Women where this week Miss Zoe returns with her best friend Miss Joanne once more to take a bare bottom spanking to the edges of tolerance! Dodgy Dave may be a seasoned victim for Miss Zoe but he sure feel's the pressure when he faces both she AND Miss Joanne together each of which are egging each other on to be more strict than they normally would be! The two strict ladies are determined to show Dodgy Dave just how sore a naughty boys bottom can be when he is spanked by a strict woman!

CS05 0180 blog

This week at Strict Women we introduce a double bill of spanking as our sexy French Goddess Miss Chloe puts two naughty boys over her knee in the spanking party as she takes control of her friends husband and pal and then put her boyfriend and French language student over her knee when he fails his French test! Will he learn to count to ten in French? We are reliably informed he certainly did in the wake of THIS Spanking!


Miss Antscha Spanks His Ass

Laying down the law to her naughty boyfriend Miss Antscha shows him well and truly the nature of his subservience to his Goddess and what happens if he does not please her! For Miss Antscha is a HARD task Mistress with HARD spanking hand as well as VERY strong arms! But add in to that mix strong legs of a semi pro FemDom wrestler and the innovative mind of a true dominant woman to spank with her feet also and you have a Goddess truly to be feared!

Yes Miss Antscha is sexy. Yes she is beautiful. But disobey this Strict Woman at your peril and beware because Miss Antscha CAN and WILL spank your bottom if you disobey!

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