Miss Antscha Spanks His Ass

A naughty boy is being punished this morning in the Strict Women household. An incident where he has photoshopped himself into an image with several sexy women has resulted in a very irritated Mistress who has given him a very painful paddling! Right now he is over her knee having his backside tanned as Miss Antscha instills herself in his head as his ultimate authority figure! One way or another She is determined he will learn his place in this house and hers too!

As the video description outlines:

Miss Antscha is angry with her boyfriend. Whilst looking through Arjuns private things she finds a photo of him with several lady friends hugging and kissing.

Despite Arjuns constant protestations and assurances that the image is fake Miss Antscha is sure that he has been cheating on her and has decided that she will now punish him in her usual manner which is to bare and spank his bare butt!

Arjun knows he is in trouble but an intimidating Miss Antscha is not a woman to disobey no matter how fearful he may be of the stinging spanking that he knows is coming his way!

07 December 2015

SW220 Clip 4
Clip 5

Gallery Update - Miss Antscha: Photoshopped and Spanked

07 December 2015
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Miss Antscha
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