sw86 080 blogWhen Miss Joanne discovers that her life savings have been removed from her account after a Nigerian scammer conned her husband into handing over her money she is furious!  The scammers day will certainly come but Davids stupidity is certainly not going to go unpunished!  Miss Joanne puts david over her knee and administers a very good hairbrush spanking for his foolishness!

And scammer be sure to watch!  For this is what awaits you when you mess with a sexy strict Goddess like Miss Joanne!

As the video description outlines:

Miss Joanne has been checking her bank statement and discovers that her life savings have been removed without her knowledge. Quizzing her husband Dodgy Dave on this she discovers that he has somewhat foolishly been taken in by a Nigerian internet scammer who promised to repay him many fold for her money! Now Miss Joanne will claim the interest from hubby's bare backside with a wooden brush!


14 December 2015

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Clip 1

Gallery Update - Miss Joanne:  Internet Scam

14 December 2015
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Miss Joanne
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