CS05 0180 blog

Strict French beauty Miss Chloe has returned to Strict Women this week as she continues to show her ingenuity and ability to think on her feet spanking and dominating guys to create new spanking games for her friends husband and friend!

Musical chairs sure takes on a different feel of desperation as the boys anxiously fight it out for the one chair to sit on lest Miss Chloe sits on it after they fail and puts them over her knee to spank them!


SW246 033 blog

Miss Amber returns to Strict Women this week and she comes with hairbrush in her hand to spank! You better believe she intends to give out a good hiding boys! Miss Amber is irritated beyond belief at her submissive husbands decision to get his own back on his wife for sending a pic of him in the corner with a red stinging bare bottom to his friends at work by sending a picture of her in a compromising position which he has photoshopped her face onto to all her friends at work.

Miss Amber is not pleased but as Adam chuckles away to himself on the sofa little does he know that Miss Amber is clutching the hairbrush in her handbag counting the moments before she gets home to put him over her knee for some much needed discipline! And THIS TIME that photo of his red spanked bottom going to his friends will be even redder and it won't be from photoshop!


Question now is whether Dodgy Dave will learn to accept his place as subordinate to Miss Carmen's senior role as a superior Female or will he be back later to be put over Miss Carmens knee again for another spanking! I think we all know the answer to that but if and when it happens we will be sure to film it and post it here for you all to see how a superior Female like Miss Carmen can easily put a naughty adult boy back in his place!

Im Going To Put You Over My Knee!

Two sexy Czech sisters discuss the bad attitude and behaviour of each others husbands. They simply do not seem to know their place is beneath their wives anymore. They argue and they forget who they are speaking to. And spanking does not seem to have the humiliating effect that it used to have! So the two work out a new method that each will visit and discipline the others husband. Criss Cross. You spank my husband and I will spank yours! Will it work? Watch and find out!

SMZ027 144 blog

Miss Zoe and Miss Joanne have tamed up this week in this movie courtesy of Strict Mistress Zoe's site in order to dish out some much needed discipline and vengence on a dishonest and tretcherous employers spy!

Miss Zoe joins her good friend and mentor Miss Joanne this weekend as she continues to take out her anger and revenge on a dodgy employers spy! One thing is for sure and that is that this kind of experience was certainly not made clear to him at his job interview! Was there even a risk assessment done for this type of reprisal? Clearly not!

CS05 0180 blog

Welcome back to Strict Women where this week Miss Chloe returns and isis full swing with her party spirit giving the two boys a little more than they bargained for from this party! Indeed MissChloe has turned it into a spanking party where she is inventing games! And the boys simply can not help but wind her up just as the other is getting his bottom spanked! But Miss Chloe is relentless and displays fully just why she was so loved for so long here at Strict Women as she brings in her own form of Female Domination to pass!


Miss Antscha Spanks His Ass

The gorgeous and incredibly strict hard spanker Miss Antscha has returned from her native East Europe to install some hard discipline and reverence into misbehaving male Arjun as he is caught in possession of a photo depicting him kissing and hugging other girls!

Some women believe in the old motto of don't get mad get even and Miss Antscha is certainly in that number as she spanks the dickens out of poor Arjun!

Watch in awe as one of our most innovating Goddesses to date takes Arjun to task, to heaven/hell and back again!

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