SW246 033 blog

Miss Amber returns to Strict Women members club this week continuing that the woman work is never done when she has a naughty boy in the house she needs to keep disciplined! There is never any respite from administering a very sound bare bottom spanking over her knee under those conditions! And Miss Amber knows well that if you spare the hairbrush you spoil the male! This is something she is determined will not happen on her watch!

And so when naughty husband Adam thinks he can avenge the photo of him standing in the corner with his red stinging bottom on display that Miss Amber sent to his female colleagues at work after spanking her hubby one night he himself sends photoshopped images of a compromising nature to Miss Ambers work colleagues and this does NOT please THIS strict woman!

You might wonder what happens when a boy tries to even the score card against his strict wife and disciplinarian but we would warn you to watch this video BEFORE you try finding out for yourselves! Learn from Adam's mistakes not your own!

SMZ027 144 blog

Miss Zoe and Miss Joanne have tamed up this week in this movie courtesy of Strict Mistress Zoe's site in order to dish out some much needed discipline and vengence on a dishonest and tretcherous employers spy!

When Miss Zoe loses her job due to this male she finds herself so infuriated that she enlists the help of her best friend Miss Joanne to capture him in a public place, bundle him in the back of her van and take him back to her home where the two of them will spank him in way he never believed either of them capable!

CS05 0180 blog

Miss Chloe returns today in one of the most loved of all her movies that started off a 4 movie spectacular called The Strict Sitter

This was one of the movies where Miss Chloe got to demonstrate her ability to think of on her feet and show her many ways in which she could have two naughty boys running round (quite literally) in circles for her amusement!

The one set musical chairs game for example invented by Miss Chloe where the boy not sitting got his bottom spanked when she finished humming was pure genius but Miss Chloe does not stop there! Watch listen and learn! :)


Miss Carmen K Is Going To Spank

Miss Carmen K returns to Strict Women this week and union shop steward Dodgy Dave is probably wishing she hadn't!

Right now as we speak David is bent over Miss Carmens knee and getting is bare butt spanked but he has already been given an all over body spanking lying on her table sized desk! All the way up his back are red marks from Miss Carmens paddle and now submissively over her knee she is well and truly teaching him his place! HOW DARE he think he can come into HER office and dictate terms to HER! Union rep or not males should simply know their place and you can bet Mike will be sorry for asking Dodgy Dave for help when Miss Carmen summons him next!

SW220 blog

Perhaps one of our most invoating Goddesss here at Strict Womn, Miss Antscha, has returned this week in an awesome new movie with her naughty boyfriend Arjun.

Whilst going through Arjuns private posessions she discovers a photograph with Arjun whois involved in shall we say sexually compromising position.   Miss Antscha is furtious and as Arjun knows well from past experience, when his sexy strict girlfriend is angry with him he is spanked!   No say in the matter, except to say yes Miss and thank you Miss!

SW246 033 blog

Miss Amber returns to Strict Women members club this afternoon to set the nearest male backside on fire with her hairbrush!  Be warned, the first naughty boy in Strict Women has already been spanked and next one could be you if you are not careful! 

In this particular case Adam has been playing practical jokes on Miss Amber and although Miss Amber is allowed to do this as she demonstrated before when she sent a picture of Adams spanked bottom to his work colleagues, Adam most certainly is NOT allowed!  And when he breaks this trust the bare bottom hair brush spanking he is to receive is inevitable!

b2ap3 thumbnail SW236LinaWeddingNight Blog

Miss Lina has returned this week to Strict Women and on this, her wedding night, she pays some special attention to her new hubby Arjun in explaining in a way even he as a mere male can understand, how life is going to be from here on in. For Arjun, the realisation that he will be sleeping on the floor by the side of Miss Lina's bed rather than in it comes as quite a shock!

Arjuns desperate attempts to put Miss Lina off her track and think that she was in fact joking are quickly swept to one side when Miss Lina demonstrates with her hairbrush being used to spank his bottom just what happens if he steps out of line!

Welcome to married life when married to a strict womnan!

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