CS01 005 blog

Published a day early everybody. Im sorry. My mother is poorly in hospital so it was either a day early or a day late and so i went for the first option as the best all round :)

Anyway, Miss Chloe has returned this week to Strict Women and is dishing out some much needed discipline to her boyfriend mike after he fails his french oral test following so much work on her part tutoring him. One thing is for sure and that is he soon learned to count to ten in French to avoid this kind of paddling from happening in the future! This proving the wisdom of Miss Zoe when it comes to teaching her men to speak her language!


SW208 015 blog

Yes its been a while but at this time where shame has been brought onto soccer we thought it might be a good time to remind those fans of US Football that there are naughty boys that need a spell over a strict womans knee also! The coach has already been soundly spanked along with the team when they lose their 5th game in a row but it seems he can not

And when a coach who has been ousted by one of the leading cheerleaders for the team decides he is going to call his union rep in to sort her out and put him back in his job that union rep is giving very short shrift by Miss Carmen and a sore bottom to go with it as she disciplines him too!

SW230 028 blog

Welcome back to Strict Women where the beautiful and strict Goddess Miss Kelly has returned in this short movie we thought it might be nice to shoot after the first Houseboys failure movie went so well

Adam is continuing his training under Miss Kelly this week as she decides to inspect the bedroom and finds that her houseboy has failed to iron the sheets and duvet cover

Adam is still a fairly new servant so Miss Kelly decides not to dismiss him this early in his training but instead teach him her standards underlined with a hand spanking over her knee

SW251 078 blog

Miss Zoe has informed her servant that she has promoted him to boyfriend. People expect such a beautiful woman to have one she has reflected even though she has had the problem in the past of men thinking they are somehow equal to her if they are her boyfriends! The problem for Adam is that Miss Zoe has just made it very clear that boyfriend or not she will still very much be in charge and he is still subject to her whim and punishment if he steps out of line!

The only benefit seems to be that he may take her out and be seen with this Goddess and envied by all the males in the room. And perhaps, just perhaps, some of the spankings she gives may not be quite so severe as she has pointed out even though she now expects higher standards! But this illusion of having the right to take his Mistress out as his girlfriend is soon shattered! Miss Zoe wishes instead to go out with her friends and he, as her boyfriend, will stay home and clean the house! And it had BETTER be spick and span(k) when she returns!

SW246 033 blog

Miss Amber returns to Strict Women members club this evening in an exceptionally bad mood! So watch out boys! She has been known to spank and spank hard for the slightest mistake when she has been in better moods than this!

We can all blame Adam for this bad mood as he believed himself to be above the law (her law) and somehow equal to his strict wife! Oh how wrong could he be?

Miss Amber makes a point of teaching him in the most painful way the harsh reality of married life when married to her! Just because she does something that embarrasses him at work does NOT mean he has the right to do the same back! And her hairbrush makes the point painfully obvious!

b2ap3 thumbnail SW236LinaWeddingNight Blog

Miss Lina has returned today to and as she sits with new husband Arjun on her bed dressed only in lingerie Miss Lina begins explaining how their life together going forward will be. Arjun is interested only in sniffing her hair and any other sexual activity he can have on his wedding night but Miss Lina holds all the cards!

Witness the secrets of a true dominant woman on how to enslave their men and have them permanently under their thumb in this great movie come documentary.

Whether you are male or female, watch, listen and learn!

CS01 005 blog

Back this week at Strict Women, Miss Chloe has returned to our members club and she is not happy. Or even hoppy as she so delightfully says so often in that dreamy French accent of hers! Her boy Mike who she has been teaching French for months on end now has just failed his french exam in college and this failure in her eyes reflects on her teaching skills. Miss Chloe does not accept failure and mike is about to learn what happens to naughty boys who forget this and simply do not try!

Be ready for Miss Chloe at her best as she puts mike well and truly in his place!


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