SW251 078 blog

Having informed her lackie servant that she was promoting him from mere male to boyfriend Miss Zoe continues to expalin how she has decided that his life will now change.    Of course Adam will still be expected to do as he is told and should expect a spanked bottom if he displeases her or disobeys her but he has grown in her opinions of him.   

Now Adam will be spanked regardless of whether he is naughty or not except that the regular spankings will be girlffriend spankings as opposed to lady spankings or Mistress spankings.   Each now becing demonstrated!

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Miss Amy has returned to Strict Women this week holding her cane!  The boys are keeping their heads down but Dodgy Dave has been told to push his butt up for he is the one in the deepest trouble in this the final update to Budget Spanking Final Confrontation!  And for him that means a hard thrashing from Miss Amy who canes him soundly!

As one of the Strict Women members favorites we just know you will love this update from one of our sexiest Goddesses as she administers yet another memorable spanking that Dodgy Dave will fail to learn from!

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Miss Amber returns to Strict Women this week as the strict sitter called in by Adams wife to oversee and supervise her husband and ensure he does not disobey the rules or laze around in her absence.

Of course Adam has his own ideas and tries to take charge and give Miss Amber instructions but a simple 5 minutes put over Miss Ambers knee puts Adam well and truly in his place and reminds him of who exactly is in charge!

This week we conclude this video with the inevitable caning that Miss Amber has decided to administer. One way or another she is determined that she will be handing him back to his wife in a more submissive and obedient state than how she found him and for him that means a red stinging spanking as Miss Amber administers the short sharp shock spanking with a rod of rattan.

CS01 005 blog

Miss Chloe has returned to Strict Women this week in an awesome movie entitled Failed Exams in which she soundly spanks mikes bottom when he fails a French exam she has been tutoring him for!

Failure is simply not acceptable to Miss Chloe and after so much effort on her part too it has to be that he simply did not try hard enough because her teaching is clearly top class!

Be ready for Miss Chloe at her best as she puts mike well and truly in his place!


SW228 011 blog

Adam is in trouble this afternoon as he reports to his Mistress Goddess Miss Kelly.  

Miss Kelly expects her house to be cleaned immaculately all spick and spank as she sometimes puts it to her houseboy but he rarely lives up to her epxectations and is consistently having to bend over her knee for some strict discipline. 

One of those occasions is hereby captured on film and published for you all here at Strict Women where Adam is soundly paddled!

Be sure not to miss this one.

SW233 104 Blog

In deep trouble with his Mistress Antoinne is feeling the biting sting of her paddle today as she puts him across her knee for a sound bare bottom spanking.  

Antoinne started off his life of crime stealing apples from neighbours back yards but has since moved on to stealing womens panties.  Miss Charise his Goddess however is not one to tolerate this kind of behaviour, least of all against her!  And she has herown special branded way of showing her  disaproval!  

Will Antoinne be stealing Miss Charises panties again?   We doubt it!  But should he do so Miss Charise has her cane she can turn to to fix the matter!

b2ap3 thumbnail SW245 016 blog

Hired by Adams wife to keep her naughty boy in check, Miss Amber reports for duty at his home but his intentions of extracting value from his sitters time at the home by giving her work to do fall very much on deaf ears!  Sure the housework will be done but it certainly will not be done by Miss Amber as she outlines the type of regime SHE intends to follow in his life!  It is a regime very close to Adams wifes heart and involves sound bare bottom over the knee spankings if he disapoints or disobeys!  A regime that Miss Amber intends to follow to hte letter!

Watch and learn! 

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