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Miss Viktoria returns this week to the naughty boys of Strict Women Members Club as she discovers cum stains on her new silk sheets on her bed!  

Alexis her naughty husband is the prime, and one could suggest only suspect as sexy Miss Viktoria decides that being the only male in the house it is obvious that he must be responsible.  

This stain is more serious than you might imagine at first glance because not only has he soiled those sheets, probably for good in Miss Viktoria's eyes but more significantly he is forbidden to masturbate without first having been granted her permission to do so!  This means Alexis has been disobedient and there is no strict woman in the world who will overlook or tolerate disobedience in the submissive males in their charge!  None.

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Miss Zoe had a lovely surprise for her live in lackie servant Adam this week at Strict Women as she summons him to inform him that he has now been officially promoted from lackie slave to boyfriend.  

This of course represents a major shift in Miss Zoe's respect  for Adam he believes but of course as the 'job description' is recited to him it is made clear that he is still expected to do as he is told, when he is told and to follow the rules that She sets without question.  And there is a soundly spanked bottom in it for him should he ever step out of line and forget!

But Miss Zoe goes into some awesome detail about how even the spankings she gives him will change as she introduces the girlfriend spanking as demonstrated alongside Mistress spanking and lady spanking!  This is clearly a Woman who has everything fully planned from start to finish and knows exactly what it is that she wants!  Just be sure to follow along obediently boys if this ever happens to you!  It will be far less painful for you in the long run if you do!

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Reporting to Goddess Miss Kelly Adam knew was going to be a painful experience as it always was when she summoned him on the phone with the words report to ME at oncee for a spanking!   But he simply could not figure out what he had done wrong.  

The answer was clear however.  He had simply not cleaned the bathroom to Miss Kelly's expectations and when a boy disapoints Miss Kelly and makes her feel like he has let her down she spanks!  No ifs no buts, unless it is the butt that is upturned moments later across her knee!

Watch and learn boys for if you ever are called to serve a strict Woman this is the sort of treatment you should expect if your cleaning is not up to snuff!

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Over the knee of Miss Chloe a naughty boy soon learns his place is a truism that so many of us have learned here at Strict Women  For this stunning beauty Miss Chloe was always one of our harshest most dominant Goddesses that consistently taught every naughty boy reporting to her right from wrong!

This weeek Miss Chloe spanks her webmaster Mike with a running shoe or plimsol as it is known in many cities across England where this movie was shot.  The plimsol of course was one of the more established implements of corporal punishment in UK state educational establishments for misbehaving males and so may bring back some memories but we think we can guarantee that if you were ever spanked like this your disciplinarian was almost certainly NOT the stunning beauty that Miss Chloe is nor did they have the intoxicating French accent that She does! 


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Welcome back to Strict Women everybody where this week Miss Mia has returned with her dreaded hairbrush to administer a good bare bottom spanking to her brother in law!

Asked by her sister to drop in and supervise her hubby Miss Mia probably never dreampt that she would need to put the boy over her knee and administer a good spanking but Simon simply can't help misbehaving and causing trouble!  

And if you misbheave as a male around Miss Mia you simply know that your fate is sealed!  No male gets away with such!


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Miss Amber has returned to Strict Wome this week as the gal hired by Adams wife to supervise him in her absense. But Miss Amber has been informed that Adams behaviour has been deteriating for a while and she is determined to make sure that he knows she will not tolerate naughty boys whilst she is in charge!  

Adam is sent to his bedroom on his arrival home and told to prepare for her which she says means to pull his trousers down and stand in the corner.  Adam tries to bribe Miss Amber but this simply lands him in even hotter water!  But its ok, soon his bottom will be even hotter than the water!  Miss Amber has decided that it will!

Watch and learn! 

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Welcome back to Strict Women everybody, home of the most beautiful and dominant women who like nothing more than to put you and me and every other male over their knees for a sound spanking every time we step out of line!  

This week that Woman is none other than the beautiful Swedish Goddess Miss Lina Birch who on her wedding knight gets new hubby Arjun to understand, step by step, how his new life as the hubby of a dominant woman is going to go!  

Sure he may do the things he likes to do!  In your case it may be to kiss her bottom or her feet.  In Arjuns case it is to sniff her hair.  Whatever it is that turns him on is now under the control of his strict wife and if he wants to do it again he must do as she says when she says or the priviledge is withdrawn!   Want to cut that time of denial down?  Then submit instead to a different punishment which is to bend over her knee for a spanking!  

This scenario having been written by Miss Acacia shows the subtlty of Female Domination from the womans perspective.  

Watch and learn! 

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