Hi everybody and welcome back to Strict Women.  

This week Miss Charise returns and deals very firmly with bad boy Antoinne who has been caught stealing her panties.   

Being a disgusting pervert is one thing that sickens Miss Charise but when that disgusting pervert has sticky fingers Miss Charise feels she has little choice but to take some time to discipline her charge!  For both of these atributes are spankable offences in Miss Charises home!  

Taking her time to inflict a stinging spanking Miss Charise puts Antoinne over her knee and spanks until she is confident he will have learned his lesson!

Will Antoinne be stealing Miss Charises panties again?   We doubt it!  But should he do so Miss Charise has her own cane she can turn to!


When simple simon and friend Adam were left in Miss Zoes charge by their wives the boys had no idea just what lay in store for them from this early 20's Goddess.  For this young lady comes from a long line of matriarchs who have all kept their husbands in line with firm corporal punishment!  

And here today in the 21st century the skills and authority as well as self confidence passed through the generations for 300 years or more are about to be brought to bare on 2 bare bottoms of males who seem to think they have free will and rights in their marriages!  

A new reality is going to strike their lives this day once and for all!

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Hi everybody and welcome back to Strict Women.  

Miss Amy has returned to the residence of Strict Women once more this week as she takes the time to give father a good strapping!  Telling naughty brother mike to ignore his strict sister was not a good idea it seems!  For wife and mom Miss Katherine gave her daughter the authority and power to spank both father and son the day that Miss Amy turned 18 and now she regularly bosses the two about and spanks each of them in turn should they dare to disobey!  Indeed, even though Miss Amy now lives with her friends in a shared house she regularly returns to the family abode where she lays down the law and spanks both her older brother Mike and father Dodgy Dave. 

Watch in awe as the very confident Miss Amy puts bother her father and older brother over her knee in turn as the other waits their fate!  But next is a good strapping on both hands and bottom and this is where we join Miss Amy today!  

One way or another Miss Amy is determined that the boys are going to learn to behave!


Hi everybody and welcome back to Strict Women.  

This week we are proud to welcome our brand new face of Miss Mia who makes her video debut here with us this evening!

Simon, Miss Mia's brother in law gets into deep hot water today as he is caught sloathing around on the sofa drinking wine. 

Miss Mia had been asked by her sister to drop in and babysit her subby husband for in their househole Women are in command and men do as they are told!  For if they don't they know what the result will be!  What else but a sore spanked bottom!  



Hi everybody and welcome back to Strict Women.  

This week we welcome back the blonde bombshell that so capably puts any male over her knee at her whim!  No male can ever seem to resist even when the spanking begins!  Is it her confidence?  Is it the fear or reverence that she seems to command in males under her charge?  Who knows but she is real fun to watch!  

Be sure to check out the latest video to hit the screens of your computers this week as Miss Charise deals firmly with naughty French lackie Antoinne who she has caught stealing her panties! 


Hi everybody and welcome back to Strict Women.  

Back in the home after spanking some more male backsides Miss Heelena has returned to deal with disobedient hubby Mike who has been skiving off of the chores she had given him all day.

Excuses and trivialisation are never accepted by a strict woman and this too earns mike more hard spanks across his wifes knee.  Soon her will learn as he completes his daily chores now complete with a red burning bottom! 

Watch in awe as Miss Heelena truly puts mike in his place!


Sexy East European Goddess Miss Viktoria has returned this week to the pages of Strict Women in a brand new movie to blow y'all away!  She has been inspecting her subby husbands work after instructing him to clean up the bedroom and discovers tell tale signs of masturbation on the brand new white silk sheets.  

This of course is reason enough for Miss Viktoria to spank but the offence is made worse by the fact that Alexis KNOWS full well he must first ask her permission before he masturbates.  Wanking without permission he knows is treated as disobedience and no matter what strict woman you serve disobedience is ALWAYS a spankable offence!

Hand spanking, hairbrush and paddle soon make Alexis sorry for his behaviour!  And he had BETTER have a replacement for those sheets!

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