When simple simon and friend Adam were left in Miss Zoes charge by their wives the boys had no idea just what lay in store for them from this early 20's Goddess.  For this young lady comes from a long line of matriarchs who have all kept their husbands in line with firm corporal punishment!  

And here today in the 21st century the skills and authority as well as self confidence passed through the generations for 300 years or more are about to be brought to bare on 2 bare bottoms of males who seem to think they have free will and rights in their marriages!  

A new reality is going to strike their lives this day once and for all!


Welcome back to Strict Women members club where this week Miss Amber returns to dish out a much needed spanking to her houseboy Adam.  

Failure to do as you are told or delays in doing so are never tolerated by Strict Women in the Strict Women household and you would do well to remember this should you ever visit and serve!  Spankings are given to all naughty boys that fail in any way whatsoever!  No exceptions!  

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The nets premiere and longest running FemDom Fm Spanking site where strict women spank men.

Established in 1999 by strict Sisters Miss Anna and Miss Connie we continue to be Female Owned and managed.

How many naughty boys have had their bottoms spanked, their faces slapped and their hands strapped in our 16 years online? We have lost count! Its a good job for those males however that they have not!