Ready To Put You Across My Knee!

A naughty boy when reporting for discipline from a strict woman must always face the humiliation of having his pants pulled down and the painful indignity and humiliation of a bare bottom spanking over her knee. The humiliation is as much part of the punishment as the stinging pain! Perhaps even more so! And putting the naughty boy in his rightful place well beneath the authority of Woman kind makes him obedient and keen to please the Woman that owns him. But what happens when the humiliation is not quite enough to push him over the edge? Well this is the time for his Mistress to become innovating into ways of humiliating him further!

Yes it is this humiliation that is the reason she sends you to the corner and makes you wait for her to call you out so to spank your bottom! standing in the corner with nose pressed against the wall simply because SHE said so reminds the naughty boy that he has no control over the situation he is in. He must simply do as he is told and hope She has pity on him!

It is this innovating attitude that leads Miss Arella and her sister Heelena to decide to switch husbands and spank their sisters husband! The humiliation of being spanked by your sister in law further drives home the point that as a male you are not only lower than your Mistress but that EVERY single Woman in the world has the right to spank your bottom and you have no say in it except to say yes Miss and thank You Miss upon queue! A stroke of genius that is so common amongst the women who own and spank men!

SMZ027 144 blog

Miss Zoe and Joanne return today at Strict Women where Miss Joanne wields the paddle and strap! Poor (?) Dodgy Dave is in deep trouble again! Having grassed Miss Zoe up at work in his new spy role resulting in Miss Zoe losing her job, the two women get together and decide to recoup all the money that Miss Zoe was losing by domesticating Dave as their new biotech. Of course Dodgy Dave will work for a living giving Miss Zoe 95% of his salary and his free time will now be spent carrying out chores given him by the two women or betting his bare butt whupped over their knees!

Never would dodgy dave regret annoying a woman more than today!

CS05 0180 blog

Our French Goddess Miss Chloe returns this week to Strict Women where she has great fun in the series of spanking games she has invented leaving the boys sore (sore backsides anyway) and extremely regretful of their misbehaviour.

Miss Chloe however does not much care about regrets, right now it is all about her having fun!< And the fact that the boys are learning a strict lesson and being humiliated in their correction is all to the better!



Having dealt with mike's shop steward as he complains about the humiliating spanking that she had given his member mike Miss Carmen turns her attention to mike once more to put him too in his place! Made to stand in the corner mike is spanked in the corner before he is ordered to strip and lie over the wooden table for a more severe spanking!

Miss Antscha Spanks His Ass

When you report to a strict woman as Arjun has to Miss Antscha and you have been misbehaving, punishment is inevitable. For Miss Antscha the most effective and widely used form of discipline she employs is to spank the males bare bottom and here this week at Strict Women that is just what is happening to poor Arjun!

Bent first over the bed then submissively crunched up with his butt in the air Miss Antscha takes her time soundly spanking his bottom with a large leather paddle.

Ready To Put You Across My Knee!

A shock comes to mikes system today at Strict Women as he receives a visit from strict sister in law Miss Arella who has made a special journey simply to put him over her knee!

It seems that the two real life strict sisters have made an agreement to heighten their husbands humiliation by spanking the other sisters husbands for them! Criss cross. You spank mine and i will spank yours! But for the boys course it means only one thing and that is a red stinging bottom for their behaviour just as they should have! For that is life for males in a Strict Woman's household!

SMZ027 144 blog

Getting his butt whacked over a beautiful womans knee may be a new routine of life for Dodgy Dave is the idea that he must get his head around! For kidnapped from the street the two girls spank his bottom until he gives up hope of anybody caring enough to notice that he is missing!

With Dodgy Dave now being responsible for many people losing their jobs as he continues to fulfil his role ratting out employees there are many suspects for his kidnap with Miss Zoe being only one of hundreds if not thousands! And with her pretty face and convincing tears Miss Zoe Dave knows can convince any police officer that she knows nothing of it until long after he has given up hope! So why fight his new position of servitude to this Goddess and her best friend Miss Joanne? From now on he must do as he is told or bend over her knee at command to face her punishment for being a "naughty boy"

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